Soccer Schools 

Our coaching program is for all abilities! We offer coaching for children aged 18 months - 14 years old 7 days a week after school and the weekend too. No matter of you are a beginner or a seasoned player we have something for everyone. 
There are no sign up fees, pre-payment plans or booking required. All our sessions are just turn up and play and are just £4 per child.


Please note: Our evening sessions do not run during school holidays and half terms. Our weekend sessions run all year round. 

tiny tots (18 months+)

Tots (3-6 years)

Juniors (6+ years)

seniors (9+ years)

Our Philosophy

Football is deep rooted in all our DNA – player’s, manager’s and spectators alike. The passion and love of this Sport is ever growing and the dynamics of the game are ever evolving.  Our job as grass roots coaches to the next generation of footballer is to provide a structured curriculum. One that offers an all-round education on and off the pitch; developing fundamental physical skills and theoretical knowledge. 

With the careful blend of a dedicated coaching team (with the collective coaching experience of 40+ years and a Sports Scientist BSC) and the FA 4 corner model, we are confident in finding that delicate balance of teaching all those fundamental football skills whilst nurturing each players individual natural flare. Carefully over the past 5 years our coaching team has developed an outstanding program, so any child any age and ability can attend our sessions.    

With a warm friendly community atmosphere everyone is welcomed with a smile and everyone walks back out of our door feeling like part of The Soccer Dome Family.

 Tiny Tots (18 months+)
Tiny Tots
We look at skills such as:
  • Coordination and balance 
  •  Socialising in small and big groups 
  •  Basic ball control skills
  • Understanding instructions 
  • Preparing for independent play 
  • Confidence building
Soccer Tots (3-6 years)
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We look at skills such as:
  • Basics of dribbling, passing & shooting  
  • Teamwork & Independent play 
  • Listening Skills 
  • Coordination with different movements
  • Communication with players & coach 
  • Introduction of spacial awareness 
Soccer Juniors (6+ years)
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We look at skills such as:
  • Mastering the techniques of dribbling, passing and shooting. 
  • Agility and footwork 
  • Attacking and defensive play 
  • Decision making 
  • Basics of possession
Soccer Seniors (9+ years)
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We look at skills such as:
  • Positioning and formation 
  • Tactics and strategies 
  • Offside 
  • Movement on and off the ball 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Mastering spacial awareness & possesion