We are back! It’s a new year, new decade. Christmas was a blast and 2019 proved to be even better than we thought. So what better way to kick off the first full week back at work for everyone than with a brand new Monday Night League Blog ey. So whether you’re sat on a lunch break or supposed to be working (yes we can see you, we know you shouldn’t be procrastinating), The Soccer Dome Monday League Blogs are here to bring you some joy, laughter and keep you up to do date with your local 5 aside league.  Who needs the BBC Sport? We got this covered for you!

It’s Monday 6th January and its first fixtures back after Christmas, we are all still wondering whether smithy said yes to Nessa, why we had to eat that extra pig in blanket on Christmas day and why in this decade Brexit still hasn’t been done?

But here we need to push all those thoughts aside, as the first 2 teams step on to our champions league like pitches to play their first game of 2020, we don’t quite think they know what’s in store for them as the next 30 mins will feel like 300 minutes, THIS IS SPARTAAAAA.  
First game up is Brand Spanking New Team Ji Sung Park Fc (No he hasn’t come out of retirement) against our very own Soccer Dome Team. At the minute The Soccer Dome are flying in Division 2 at a very comfortable second place. Serves them right for being too cocky last season thinking they could make some noise in Division 1. Let’s just say it was more Watford than Liverpool!

So coming into this fixture against newbies Ji Sung Park probably seemed like a walk in the park for the Dome on paper! And the first 5 mins proved that statement, as Soccer Dome went 2-0 up with a sublime goal from big Andy Reid who is now back from injury, the word around town is that his injury is down to old age knees. New signing for the Dome Josh Bramall (Yes our very own Justin Bieber people) got the second making his goal count this season a big mambo number 5. However the next 10 minutes seemed to go downhill for the dome as Ji Sung Park went level with 2 fantastic goals sending the keeper the wrong way both times. However The Soccer Dome quickly bagged themselves another goal to put them 3-2 up with JB not feeling “Sorry” for his opposition. However this lead was very short lived as Ji Sung Park answered like Old Trafford wanted them too! The las 10 mins was definitely the Ji Sung Park show as they bagged themselves 5 more goals which brought them out as champions in a superb 7-3 win over the Soccer Dome. Those last 10 mins showed why it was not The Soccer Domes Night, every shot was going high, wide or at the keeper…. Well those where just Callum's shots, and we can tell why he hasn’t scored yet this season.

Hopefully next week The Soccer Dome can go back to winning ways and Ji Sung Park can keep up their unbeaten run.

We already cannot wait for next week.