Another Monday goes by which means another League Night. There were some fantastic fixtures again this Monday. Matip Is Huge still comfortably at the top of Division2 with newbies MadRed failing to beat them. However the fixture of the night for Monday was most definitely Hakuna Mo Salah against Paris Ganja Man. Star Man Barker was out injured for Paris, and Hakuna’s regular keeper was back for them tonight so this prepped up to be an interesting game!

However Paris are not soft, when one star player is injured they always have another on stand-by! Make way for Mr Jake Clarke.

Game started off as you would expect from the 6 time Champions (ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ) as within the first 10 mins of the game Paris Ganja Man were already 5-0 up. If this is what the first 10 minutes looked like we hated to think what the last 20 minutes would look like (Well we have an idea). However something clicked with Hakuna once that 5th goal went in, as suddenly they were passing crisper, moving better and starting to get shots off! And just like that they were banging the goals in left right and centre. With 10 minutes to go of the game Hakuna Mo Salah miraculously brought the game back to 5-4 in Paris’ favour. Was this going to be another Istanbul moment?

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be as straight from kick off from Hakunas last goal, Dillon Power took a shot from the half way line which took Hakuna by surprise, and buried it into the bottom left corner. Score now is 6-4. Hakuna bagged another goal through Adrian Bennett from just in front of the halfway line. However 4 goals coming from Jake, Harry and Zak for Paris, showed Hakuna couldn’t quite hold on to that close result, and just showed how good Paris Ganja Man really are if they can bag results from not playing their best.

MOM – Zak Clarke