That’s right there was some fantastic games this Wednesday in our Masters League and Veterans Leagues with some brilliant football played too. A few last minute cancellations definitely didn’t put a damper the night though as the 5 fixtures we had on definitely made up for it. Pity we couldn’t be like Liverpool at the weekend and have 6.

However game of the night was most definitely Silver Foxes against Stanley’s Cask in the Masters League. Silver Foxes have improved so much this season compared to last season. Stanley’s Cask are not having the best start to their new campaign due to Keeper struggles and not being able to find their first victory as of yet. However this fixture seen the return of a Wednesday Night League Legend. The One And Only….. Chris Smith the Goalie. Stanley’s Cask have just recruited quite possibly the best Keeper to have walked through the Soccer Domes Doors. What A Signing! Ederson Eat Your Heart Out!

Game started off very very well with both teams searching for that first goal to put them ahead. First team to score was Stanley’s, with a blooper from a Foxes defender who played the ball up the field which was intercepted by Cask Player Simon Hughes. However the interception had a handball shout with Hughes controlling the ball with his arm before letting fly and scoring top bins. Where’s the Champions League Ref and Sissoko when you need them ey. So it’s 1-0 in the first 5mins to Stanley’s. However with Star Man Gordon Leyland present tonight for Foxes we knew this was not going to be made easy for Stanleys Cask. Leyland is renound for not only banging in the goals for fun, but also having the sweetest left foot on the Wirral (Traaaa Messi). And with that left foot of his he found that crucial equaliser! However though Stanleys have been in the Masters League for a whole season now and they haven’t cottoned on to Gordon and his left foot, so this game could be very interesting “intro Kermit sipping a cup of tea”.

Both teams bagged an extra goal each before half time, which meant going into half time there was literally nothing separating both teams. Goals came from David Jones for Foxes and Chris Keenan for Cask. With what the first half had shown us, we knew we would be in for an absolute treat for the second half too. David Jones for Foxes managed to bag a second for himself 5 minutes in. And also another sublime strike form Gordon Leyland made it 4-2 to Foxes. Can Gordon become the G.O.A.T of the Masters League this season?  Foxes were most definitely on the upper hand for the next 10 minutes of this fantastic fixture. However fatigue definitely started kicking in with Silver Foxes as the last 5 mins saw a superb strike from Simon Hughes which also got his tally for this game up to 2 and then John knight showed why he should be King in The North with a fantastic crucial goal to make the result 4-4. The last minute saw both teams really battling to find the winner but no breakthroughs meant it was equal drawers for them both.

MOM was Chris Smith for Stanleys Cask what a comeback he has made after a year out due to injury.

We look forward to see what next week brings for us!