As we are approaching our October Holiday Club with the ever changing restrictions from the government making us restrict our numbers, social distance our games, sanitize and wash our hands after every bit of activity we do, all to protect each other.  
We think back to a couple months ago, its February, we have just finished out February Holiday Clubs, 30 Kids each day having tonnes and tonnes of fun seeing their friends. Our Leagues are absolutely booming, Karl Barker banging in the worldies every Monday night, the walking footballers letting out their completive side every Wednesday night. Our Masters league is pulling of some twists and turns with Harvey Bears looking like this seasons champions. All our coaching sessions are hitting 15 children a night with them wanting to better themselves in their game, walking football has taken off with us running 6 sessions a week, a slower version of the beautiful game but with a fantastic social side to.  
But not just at the Dome are we thinking back, everyone in the UK is going about their day to day lives with not a care in the world, football stadiums are jam packed of a weekend with supporters cheering on their beloved team! Liverpool is quite possibly going to win the Premier League for the first time in 30years. Musicians are giving their fans the greatest gift back, the concert/performance of their lives. Final year uni students are preparing to hand in their dissertation in a couple months and getting ready to face the big world outside of education. GCSE & A Level students are getting prepared for their exams to get the grades that they have been working hard all year for. Theatres and the performing arts are giving performances every night to put a smile on audience’s faces and just bringing a sense of joy. Children are able to go to school see their friends in their “normal” weekly routine. Sports clubs, gyms and leisure centres are absolutely booming offering their services for not just physical health but mental health for all ages.

Bringing us back to the present day with all these luxuries stripped away from us at the moment while we protect one another, it so important to remember these good “normal” times as they will be back soon! And when they do come back it’s going to be so worth it!


We are super excited to announce that The Soccer Dome is able to begin our phased  reopening on Saturday 25th July following government guidelines. 

However, in order for us to reopen we have had to place restrictions and social distancing measures to keep all of our Soccer Dome family safe and sound while visiting.  

- Pitch Hire 
- Holiday Clubs 
- Soccer Schools 
- Walking Football 

Unfortunately we are unable to restart our competitive leagues or children's birthday parties at this time. However, we will update you as soon as we can to when we can resume these services.  

i. We ask that if you have displayed any of the symptoms of COVID-19 displayed on the NHS website, we ask that you do not attend any of our services. We advise that you self isolate and get booked in for a test in line with the government guidelines.   
ii. We no longer allow just turn up and play. All of our services will have limited numbers and are pre booking only. To pre book for any of our services all you need to do is contact our team who can book you in. 
iii. We have implemented stricter and more frequent cleaning routines throughout our venue, to maintain a safe and clean environment. All equipment used will be cleaned and disinfected after every use to avoid cross contamination. 
iv. Hand Sanitising Stations will be placed on entrances, exits and around the building. Hand washing facilities are available in all 3 of our toilet facilities. 
v. We have implemented a walk way system through our venue to reduce over crowding. The entry point will be our main door and exit point will be out of our side door walking out through our gates. All walk ways will be clearly marked and sign posted for customers ease. We also have  socially distanced queuing to enter The Soccer Dome to ensure there is not over crowding. 
vi. We ask that all customers come in to the building with a face covering and wear them while in our corridors, pitch side and cafe areas. Please note customers do not wear face coverings while playing, and children under the age of 11 and those with a medical exemption do not have to wear a face covering. If you do not have a face covering with you, please ask a member of staff who can provide you with a disposable one. 
vii. We have installed screens at staff areas to protect customers and staff. 
viii. We ask that customer pay by contact less card payments where possible. 
ix. Our shower and changing room facilities will be closed until further notice. Exceptions can be allowed in matters of safeguarding. 
x. We will be following the governments 'track and trace policy' anyone that is visiting The Soccer Dome must provide their name and contact details. All details will be held inline with data protection and GDPR laws. All visitors will be placed on a register and kept for 21 days then information will be destroyed.  
xi. We will have a thermal imaging camera at our reception to help detect high temperatures as an extra safeguard.

i. All sessions are now pre booking only. There are no turn up and play sessions. 
ii. All session numbers will now be limited in line with government guidelines. 
iii. Coaches will ensure that all games and drills played will be socially distanced and no matches will be played until further ease of restrictions. 
iv. We ask that only one parent/carer attends with one child. This is to reduce the number of people in the venue and reduce over crowding.  
v. Where possible we will use outdoor space. 

i. All places must be pre booked and number will be limited to each day. 
ii. Children will be bubbled throughout the Summer Holiday Club as much as possible with groups not exceeding numbers of 14. 
iii. All games will be socially distanced and no matches will be played until restrictions are eased. 
iv. Outdoor space will be used as much as possible. 
v. We ask that all children attend with a packed lunch as our Kitchen will be temporarily closed until further notice. 
vi. There will be a pick up and drop off protocol with socially distanced queuing system.  
vii. Supervised hand washing  will be encouraged for each child throughout the day. 

i. All places must be pre booked. 
ii. We will open up extra sessions by demand. 
iii. Referees will ensure that social distancing is maintained by adhering to the walking and non-contact rule. 
iv. The butty and brew social after the sessions will be cancelled until further notice. 

i. All pitch bookings must be pre booked with The Soccer Dome. 
ii. Managers of each pitch booking must ensure that all attendees have provided details in line with the track and trace system. 
iii. We ask that only the people using the pitches visit The Soccer Dome and no spectators attend to avoid over crowding. 
iv. The maximum number of people allowed on the pitch is 10. Under no circumstances can any more people attend. 
v. We ask that customers use our pitches within their social bubbles as per government guidance. 
vi. To help reduce over crowding we ask that all pitch bookings finish their 5 minutes before their booking finishes. 
vii. To prevent cross contamination The Soccer Dome will no be giving our bibs or balls. We ask that customers turn up with with their own equipment.




 Happy Saturday our Soccer Dome Fam! This week has been a big week for news all we have seen Love Island's Callum as the newest member to become part of the Destiny’s Chaldish group, disaster as Trump remains in Office, Philip Schofield winning the hearts of the nation and the Liverpool kids getting through to quarter finals of the FA Cup (Typical adults leaving the kids to do the hard work whilst they sun it up abroad).

But this week also seen an absolutely superb fixture between Hakuna Mo Salah & Paris Ganja Man too. Now Hakuna come into this fixture on a high from beating Matip Is Huge so it was only right they needed to face Paris this week. After a shaky start to season getting beat by Class on Grass, Paris are back on form and there is no going back & “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Them Now”.

Shockwaves hit Pitch 1 in the first 10 minutes as Hakuna hit it home through Adrian Bennet to go 1-0 up. Hakuna’s keeper keeping them 1-0 up pulling off some superb saves left right and centre. However the next 5 mins saw 2 more goals…. To….. Of course Paris through 2 quality strikes from Gaffer Dillon Power and the MVP Karl Barker.
The next 10 minutes was all Paris Paris Paris as they bagged 5 extra goals as they now go 7-1 up, Karl Barker bagging extra 3 goals with some superb football weening in and out of players making it look so easy. Zak Clark got himself on the scoresheet with a brilliant Messi style free kick. And debut Dan Potts got himself a well-deserved goal sending the keeper the wrong way.
The Last 5 minutes Hakuna pressed and pressed and pressed searching for goals and they managed to bag 2 consolation goals through Alex McDowell & Pete Hindley.
Final score finished 7-3 to Paris Ganja Man, as much as this was a superb win for Paris Ganja Man the score does not reflect the game and how Hakuna Mo Salah played, every single player grafted for their lives to at least get a draw, but the keeper, if it weren’t for the keeper it could’ve easily been double figures for Paris.
MOM went to Karl “Ronaldo” Barker

We promised, so we have delivered. Second Blog in a week you guys are just so spoilt!

Division 1 on Monday Night saw Hakuna Mo Salah up against newbies to the league Flins FC. Hakuna have got off to a shaky start to this latest campaign being injury struck left right and centre and not getting the wins you would expect them too. However they made sure that this wouldn’t be the case in this fixture, with 2 players back from injury their squad is already stronger than what it was last week. Flins come into this fixture searching for their first win of the campaign. The battled fantastically last week against current runners up Matip is Huge only losing out 6-2, and again gave Paris Ganja Man a superb game only getting beat 8-2.

So this fixture proved to be on paper a fantastic game! And it started off just that, Hakunas regular keeper is nowhere to be seen as they get a stand in keeper to fill in. First 12 minutes was very much equal drawers, Hakuna bagged the first goal on the scoresheet, but Flins quickly answered with a superb strike from Tom Wright. Flins managed to bag another fantastic goal through Wright which put them 2-1 up, is Hakunas shaky start still carrying on? They need to start worrying now! But shortly after some nice attacking play the managed to find the goal to equalise, now 2-2. Loam behold Hakunas keeper arrives 15 minutes late, typical keeper ey.
The last 15 mins is all one sided, Hakuna sided, Hakuna Matata was in full swing as their keeper stepped on the pitch. Every shot they had turned into a goal. The football looked more fluent than learnt. However Flins still put up a fight through O’Keefe and Wright  they just couldn’t beat the keeper, apart from one shot from Wright where Reid got too cocky and took her eye of the ball which lead to another Flins goal, now 7-3. The last 2 mins saw 2 more Hakuna goals through Bennet and McDowell making the overall result 9-3.

Mom was Brandon O’Keefe for Flins who bossed the game from the middle. Hakuna simply couldn’t keep up with him. 

You know the score and know what time of the week it is! It’s your favourite time of the week were anything less than banter and laughs is not accepted.

So in a week where two royals have removed themselves from the monarchy and Liverpool are still 16 points clear at the top of The Premier League, we thought it was only fair that we gave you two fantastic blogs from our Monday League.

First up is ABCDE FC against Parkfield Legends, and no it’s not the Jackson 5 before you ask. Now ABCD are having the season of their lives and literally love life at the minute, basically nothing is stopping them and by looks of things nothing is going to stop them! (Do we hear a Queen Song in order?) Their opponents tonight are Parkfield legends, now due to injuries they haven’t got off to the best of starts but with some new recruits are looking like a promising team that could make some noise in the second half of the season, especially after showing some fantastic potential In their brilliant 8-5 win over The Soccer Dome.  

The game kicked off both teams on level pegs both equally as strong in their battles and both teams putting away some superb shots. Within the first 5 mins Parkfield went 1 up with a fantastic shot by Wright, but ABCD soon answered with a wonder strike by Metcalfe. Adam Jones quickly doubled their goals, now 2-1 to ABCD. Disaster hit Parkfield as their keeper comes out the area to save the ball giving away a clumsy clumsy penalty. However to park fields luck the pressure hit Jones hard as the penalty is saved. Skillen weaved through all Park fields players like this was natural, and bagged himself a well-deserved goal, 3-1. Wright got his tally up to 2 in another powerful and excellent finish. He’s certainly showing that he is the Ian Wright of this team! Bit of a miss map happened by Parkfield box, resulting in a foul on an ABCD player, but with Fantastic tactics they took a quick free kick which resulted in a goal, it’s now 4-2 to ABCD. An Adam Jones wonder strike (which was getting saved by the keeper) takes a deflection from a Parkfield defender and swerves into the bottom left corner; it’s now 5-2. The last 10 mins sees Parkfield battling as if their lives depended on it but with 2 more ABCD goals now making it 7-2 all Parkfield could get out the game now was 2 more consolation goals from Wright and Varty. Where’s Jamie Vardy when you need him ey?

MOM goes to the outstanding Shaun Skillen, with a surname so fitting to how he played it’s a well-deserved MOM too.

Stay tuned for our Division 1 blog