Our Monday League is back again!

This week saw The Soccer Domes first win over Karius2Glory. The last time these 2 teams met it was a thrilling fixture but Karius came out successful with a 7-5 win.

However this time round The Soccer Dome was not going down without a fight! Karius were looking to come into this fixture successfully as they managed to seal 2 deals before the Transfer Deadline in Adam Chesterman & Jordan Keegan. Gav Kruger was also back fit for this fixture too which added strength to this strong Karius side.

A change in dynamics for the soccer dome as regular keeper Ali Reid chose to play outfield this week, which meant Andrew Reid was making his debut in goal so they are going into this fixture looking for a win. Jason Biddulph, Dan Keogh and Geoff Groom also available for this fixture meant The Soccer Dome had an extremely strong team!

The Game started off with The Soccer Dome on the upper-hand as within the first 4 mins The Soccer Dome was 2-0 up through Dan Keogh and Geoff Groom. Andrew Reid was making some fantastic saves keeping Karius out, could he be the new Alisson of the Monday League. However 3 mins later Karius managed to bag a great goal by Chesterman from the near post. This was quickly followed by another great goal from Geoff Groom for the Soccer Dome who is now 3-1 up. Adam Chesterman quickly replied with another goal in the top corner with no way of being saved. Jason Biddulph quickly answered with a sublime goal in the bottom corner score now 4-2! Scott Elliot quickly went on the attack for Karius and thumped a strike from just outside the box, which put Andrew onto the floor. Anthony Joshua needs some tips with that KO from Scott. After picking up his glasses remains and realising his vision went from 2020 to very poor Andrew played the last part of the game out field! However this tactical decision nearly turned into a scary one as Karius brought the game back to 4-4. However after some lovely lovely football The Soccer Dome scored some worldies through Groom, Keogh and Super keeper Andrew Reid the result was 7-4. With 5 mins to go could Karius continue this great run and bag a draw?

It wasn’t to be for Karius as the Soccer Dome ran away with this game, with an extra 2 goals through Keogh and Reid, all Karius could do was bag another 3 consolation goals. The final result finishing 9-7 to The Soccer Dome. Their first win of this campaign and a sign for many more to come, they have a bright second half of the season to look forward to. The football these guys are playing at the minute is brilliant. Celebrations all around after this result.

Dan Keogh was MOM and managed to bag 5 goals, Job Well Done ey!

Another Monday goes by which means another League Night. There were some fantastic fixtures again this Monday. Matip Is Huge still comfortably at the top of Division2 with newbies MadRed failing to beat them. However the fixture of the night for Monday was most definitely Hakuna Mo Salah against Paris Ganja Man. Star Man Barker was out injured for Paris, and Hakuna’s regular keeper was back for them tonight so this prepped up to be an interesting game!

However Paris are not soft, when one star player is injured they always have another on stand-by! Make way for Mr Jake Clarke.

Game started off as you would expect from the 6 time Champions (ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ) as within the first 10 mins of the game Paris Ganja Man were already 5-0 up. If this is what the first 10 minutes looked like we hated to think what the last 20 minutes would look like (Well we have an idea). However something clicked with Hakuna once that 5th goal went in, as suddenly they were passing crisper, moving better and starting to get shots off! And just like that they were banging the goals in left right and centre. With 10 minutes to go of the game Hakuna Mo Salah miraculously brought the game back to 5-4 in Paris’ favour. Was this going to be another Istanbul moment?

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be as straight from kick off from Hakunas last goal, Dillon Power took a shot from the half way line which took Hakuna by surprise, and buried it into the bottom left corner. Score now is 6-4. Hakuna bagged another goal through Adrian Bennett from just in front of the halfway line. However 4 goals coming from Jake, Harry and Zak for Paris, showed Hakuna couldn’t quite hold on to that close result, and just showed how good Paris Ganja Man really are if they can bag results from not playing their best.

MOM – Zak Clarke

Another week another set of Monday Night League games. Some more fantastic fixtures as always and some even better results. Monday Night saw 1st v 2nd in Division 1 and Paris came out on top in a fantastic 9-1 win over Hakuna. In Division 2 Football Friends got a fantastic 12-6 victory over No Pascan and Matip Is Huge carried their unbeaten run on in an extremely close game against Phoenix The Flames bagging themselves a great 8-3 victory.

Games of the night were definitely Class on Grass against The Soccer Dome in Division 1 and Parkfield Legends against Puyol Pants Down in Division 2, funnily enough to, both fixtures had the same result… all 4 teams definitely planned this beforehand.

So first up was Class on Grass against The Soccer Dome. The Soccer Dome came into this fixture confident they were going to get their first victory of this campaign and they were sure that tonight was the night “Were Gonna Work Work This Out”. However after starting off slow Class on grass for the first half of the game we absolutely dominating from defence right up to attack. After finding their feet, The Soccer Dome shown a few glimpses of hope as they managed to bag themselves a few consolatory goals in a much improved second half performance. It’s true what they say, if you start off slow you’re going to get hurt and that’s what happened in this fixture with Class On Grass coming out on top in a 7-5 victory.

In our Division 2 League , game of the night was most definitely Parkfield Legends against Puyol Pants Down. Again this is a result that finished 7-5 to Parkfield. Parkfield came into this fixture with bursts of confidence, out of 4 games they have only lost 1 which definitely isn’t a bad run considering this is just their first season. Parkfield started off how it looks, completely dominating the game, however a few short mistakes lead to goals for Puyol Pants Down. However the main thing is these were not costly as they manged to regain that momentum and score a couple more crucial goals which lead to a 7-5 victory over Puyol Pants Down. Puyol Pants Down really were unlucky in this fixture.

That’s right there was some fantastic games this Wednesday in our Masters League and Veterans Leagues with some brilliant football played too. A few last minute cancellations definitely didn’t put a damper the night though as the 5 fixtures we had on definitely made up for it. Pity we couldn’t be like Liverpool at the weekend and have 6.

However game of the night was most definitely Silver Foxes against Stanley’s Cask in the Masters League. Silver Foxes have improved so much this season compared to last season. Stanley’s Cask are not having the best start to their new campaign due to Keeper struggles and not being able to find their first victory as of yet. However this fixture seen the return of a Wednesday Night League Legend. The One And Only….. Chris Smith the Goalie. Stanley’s Cask have just recruited quite possibly the best Keeper to have walked through the Soccer Domes Doors. What A Signing! Ederson Eat Your Heart Out!

Game started off very very well with both teams searching for that first goal to put them ahead. First team to score was Stanley’s, with a blooper from a Foxes defender who played the ball up the field which was intercepted by Cask Player Simon Hughes. However the interception had a handball shout with Hughes controlling the ball with his arm before letting fly and scoring top bins. Where’s the Champions League Ref and Sissoko when you need them ey. So it’s 1-0 in the first 5mins to Stanley’s. However with Star Man Gordon Leyland present tonight for Foxes we knew this was not going to be made easy for Stanleys Cask. Leyland is renound for not only banging in the goals for fun, but also having the sweetest left foot on the Wirral (Traaaa Messi). And with that left foot of his he found that crucial equaliser! However though Stanleys have been in the Masters League for a whole season now and they haven’t cottoned on to Gordon and his left foot, so this game could be very interesting “intro Kermit sipping a cup of tea”.

Both teams bagged an extra goal each before half time, which meant going into half time there was literally nothing separating both teams. Goals came from David Jones for Foxes and Chris Keenan for Cask. With what the first half had shown us, we knew we would be in for an absolute treat for the second half too. David Jones for Foxes managed to bag a second for himself 5 minutes in. And also another sublime strike form Gordon Leyland made it 4-2 to Foxes. Can Gordon become the G.O.A.T of the Masters League this season?  Foxes were most definitely on the upper hand for the next 10 minutes of this fantastic fixture. However fatigue definitely started kicking in with Silver Foxes as the last 5 mins saw a superb strike from Simon Hughes which also got his tally for this game up to 2 and then John knight showed why he should be King in The North with a fantastic crucial goal to make the result 4-4. The last minute saw both teams really battling to find the winner but no breakthroughs meant it was equal drawers for them both.

MOM was Chris Smith for Stanleys Cask what a comeback he has made after a year out due to injury.

We look forward to see what next week brings for us!

What a great Weekend for football and even better for Merseyside with Liverpool winning the Champions League.

Last Night saw some brilliant fixtures in our Monday Night League.  Game of the night for Division 1 was Hakuna Mo Salah against Class on Grass.

And game of the night for Division 2 was most definitely Phoenix the Flames against Puyol Pants Down.

Other results from last night are:

The Soccer Dome 3-0 Xavi Dodgers

Paris Ganja Man 3-0 The Seacombe View

Football Friends 5-1 Parkfield Legends

Football Friends 3-0 Fc Tranmere

Parkfield Legends 2-5 Matip Is Huge

First the two games of the night is Hakuna Mo Salah against Class on Grass. Both these teams coming into this fixture of some fantastic wins, can history of last season repeat? With both teams 2rd & 3rd in the league at the minute – the position they both finished last season! This Game was an absolutely fantastic game of football to watch. Pretty much Level until the dying minutes where Hakuna Mo Salah nicked 2, Class on Grass were very very unlucky to not get any points out of this game. Lots of goals in this game meant 3 goals each for Adrian Bennett & Alex McDowell for Hakuna with Adrian Bennet winning MOM. CJ Sutton also added 2 to his tally! For Class on Grass star man Ste Teale bagged 2, new signing Ryan really proved himself with getting himself a hat trick in his first appearance for the team, and James Brooks added another to his tally.

And Game of the night for Division 2 was most definitely Phoenix the Flames against Puyol Pants Down again like the Division 1 game; as this too ended in an 8-6 victory to Phoenix the Flames! This game was very much neck and neck until the final 2 minutes of the game where phoenix bagged themselves the 2 very crucial goals. Phoenix have come in to this new season with a very big point to prove after finishing bottom last season. Puyol Pants down have had a great start to this campaign; with their star man Joe Roberts being top goal scorer at the minute in division 2. And in this game game he proved why he is top goal scorer bagging himself 4 goals in the game, Harry Bhuller got 1 and new signing Bernie Davis started his tally off at 1 too. However top goal scorer couldn’t get the result for Puyol, with Phoenix having a superb game. A goal apiece for Liam Moore, Adrian Bottley & Anthony Tyson, however star man Tyler Gratton bagged himself 5 superb goals and MOM.

Stay Tuned for next week with all things Soccer Dome League.