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We promised, so we have delivered. Second Blog in a week you guys are just so spoilt!

Division 1 on Monday Night saw Hakuna Mo Salah up against newbies to the league Flins FC. Hakuna have got off to a shaky start to this latest campaign being injury struck left right and centre and not getting the wins you would expect them too. However they made sure that this wouldn’t be the case in this fixture, with 2 players back from injury their squad is already stronger than what it was last week. Flins come into this fixture searching for their first win of the campaign. The battled fantastically last week against current runners up Matip is Huge only losing out 6-2, and again gave Paris Ganja Man a superb game only getting beat 8-2.

So this fixture proved to be on paper a fantastic game! And it started off just that, Hakunas regular keeper is nowhere to be seen as they get a stand in keeper to fill in. First 12 minutes was very much equal drawers, Hakuna bagged the first goal on the scoresheet, but Flins quickly answered with a superb strike from Tom Wright. Flins managed to bag another fantastic goal through Wright which put them 2-1 up, is Hakunas shaky start still carrying on? They need to start worrying now! But shortly after some nice attacking play the managed to find the goal to equalise, now 2-2. Loam behold Hakunas keeper arrives 15 minutes late, typical keeper ey.
The last 15 mins is all one sided, Hakuna sided, Hakuna Matata was in full swing as their keeper stepped on the pitch. Every shot they had turned into a goal. The football looked more fluent than learnt. However Flins still put up a fight through O’Keefe and Wright  they just couldn’t beat the keeper, apart from one shot from Wright where Reid got too cocky and took her eye of the ball which lead to another Flins goal, now 7-3. The last 2 mins saw 2 more Hakuna goals through Bennet and McDowell making the overall result 9-3.

Mom was Brandon O’Keefe for Flins who bossed the game from the middle. Hakuna simply couldn’t keep up with him. 

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