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Happy Saturday our Soccer Dome Fam! This week has been a big week for news all we have seen Love Island's Callum as the newest member to become part of the Destiny’s Chaldish group, disaster as Trump remains in Office, Philip Schofield winning the hearts of the nation and the Liverpool kids getting through to quarter finals of the FA Cup (Typical adults leaving the kids to do the hard work whilst they sun it up abroad).

But this week also seen an absolutely superb fixture between Hakuna Mo Salah & Paris Ganja Man too. Now Hakuna come into this fixture on a high from beating Matip Is Huge so it was only right they needed to face Paris this week. After a shaky start to season getting beat by Class on Grass, Paris are back on form and there is no going back & “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Them Now”.

Shockwaves hit Pitch 1 in the first 10 minutes as Hakuna hit it home through Adrian Bennet to go 1-0 up. Hakuna’s keeper keeping them 1-0 up pulling off some superb saves left right and centre. However the next 5 mins saw 2 more goals…. To….. Of course Paris through 2 quality strikes from Gaffer Dillon Power and the MVP Karl Barker.
The next 10 minutes was all Paris Paris Paris as they bagged 5 extra goals as they now go 7-1 up, Karl Barker bagging extra 3 goals with some superb football weening in and out of players making it look so easy. Zak Clark got himself on the scoresheet with a brilliant Messi style free kick. And debut Dan Potts got himself a well-deserved goal sending the keeper the wrong way.
The Last 5 minutes Hakuna pressed and pressed and pressed searching for goals and they managed to bag 2 consolation goals through Alex McDowell & Pete Hindley.
Final score finished 7-3 to Paris Ganja Man, as much as this was a superb win for Paris Ganja Man the score does not reflect the game and how Hakuna Mo Salah played, every single player grafted for their lives to at least get a draw, but the keeper, if it weren’t for the keeper it could’ve easily been double figures for Paris.
MOM went to Karl “Ronaldo” Barker

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