Top and bottom of Division 2 clash tonight saw Hardly Athletic come up against Scorpian's. The official for tonight's game was in house ref Sarah. The first attempt of the night went to HA's Gary Renshaw which saw his side taking the lead as he nut-megged the keeper Scott Elliot, Scott Elliot is renowned for nut megging players in our Monday league, this news may have travelled round our division 2 league as Elliot seems to be getting nut megged in goal more and more each week. HA dominated the game early on, emphasizing their position in the table and this seen Dave Gooden having the next attempt. Gooden sees his effort go high off John Harrington, which results in to a free kick for HA. But this excellent opportunity to extend their lead unfortunately comes to nothing, and so Scorpians are now in possession.

Gooden also had the next attempt, getting a fantastic shot off and scoring with a little help form Alan Fletcher as the ball was travelling towards goal, however Sarah correctly disallows the goal and blowing up for a handball by Fletcher. 

Barry McGrath had the first shot for Scorpian's, only for Chris Smith to parry it to Mark Cartwright, who also shoots but Smith holds onto his attempt. An excellent double save by Smith. Rob Kalitkin then passed the ball to McGrath whose shot was again saved. Gooden then took a free kick for HA, passing the ball to Ian Mackie. I think I have done something to upset Mr. Mackie, as his shot came straight at me, lucky my reflexes are still good, as he missed the target. Another free kick for HA which again was passed to Mackie, this time his shot was on the right target but was narrowly saved by Elliot.

McGrath, was then successful in a series of tackles in the centre of the pitch, successfully retaining possession for his team and managing to get a shot off again the shot was saved by Smith. Godden then had the second meg of the night on the opposition keeper to make it 2-0. Renshaw had the next goal, a little bizarrely, as Elliot saved it only to put it into his own goal and it's now 3-0, and is it game over already? Godden had the next attempt, going down the middle with a team mate either side of him, both in acres of space, but he chose to shoot himself only for his attempt to be saved. Mackie had the last shot of the first half and continued HA's dominance, scoring from it to make it 4-0 at half time.

It was business as usual for HA at the start of the second half as Fletcher attacked from a defensive position and to score and it's now 5 to HA. Gooden was then attacking but was closed down by Harrington in the corner, Gooden shoots and the ball goes in. But was it an own goal off Harrington, yes it was. McGrath then had a couple of attempts himself, both missing the target, but the next shot went to Harrington only for him to see his attempt come off the crossbar. Scorpians frustrated as they can’t seem to get the ball in the back of the net tonight. Mackie, then scored a cracking goal into the corner of the keeper’s net, only for it to be his own keeper as his back pass (more like a shot) went into the goal. Scorpian's finally getting a goal they deserve it is now 6-1. Alan Hayes loses possession to Gooden, who took it out to the right, shot and scored again, it's now 7-1. Renshaw scored the next one after a quick attack to make it 8-1. 

McGrath was again in the action for Scorpian's, with a low shot down to Smith's left side, only for Smith to somehow get his hand to the shot. It was the same player involved in the next attempt, passing the ball to Alan Hayes, only for Hayes to hit the bar and the ball went high for a free kick to HA. McGrath was finally rewarded for his efforts, getting a much-deserved goal for his dogged performance and the score is now 8-2. Mackie redeemed himself for his earlier own goal with a goal which went in off the keeper.

The game ends at 9-2 to Hardly Athletic. MOM was awarded to Gary Renshaw for his excellent efforts and his 3-goal contribution for his team.

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