Sorry, but I took an extended break after Christmas, I am back now!!!! And its great to be back!

First game back to commentate was for our Masters League Frozen Crown were  pitched against Silver Foxes . The Foxes missing their goal scorer Gordon Leyland, without  their normal line up they already have an uphill battle, but they start level, and football can be a funny game! Geoff  Mowbray was our match official for tonight’s game.

The Foxes wanting to make an impression and a quick start with a shot from Jeff Mitchell, in the first 30 seconds! Unfortunately, it went high. For the opposition Jamie Norris had a shot which went wide, but fortunately John Madden was able to intercept the wayward shot. Madden in possession for The Foxes but another shot off target.

Madden found himself in a good position again but his attempt went high off the keeper Tony Robinson. Steve Boyd had the next effort on goal for Frozen Crown and a deflection off a defender left the keeper motionless, and it's 1-0 to Frozen Crown.

Robinson came out to the edge of his area to narrow down Maddens options, only for him to pass it to Boyd, who scores into an empty net and it's 2-0. FC were becoming dominant now and Boyd had a shot from the right hand side which Robinson saved well with his left hand, the ball goes out to Steve Renshaw, he sells a dummy to the keeper, and whilst he is on the floor, passes across to Norris who slots it home to make it 3-0. Norris then kept up the pressure on the next attack, crossing to Madden, on the edge of the box and it's 4-0. Frozen Crown, are alternating their keepers tonight, as they don't have a proven keeper, but they haven't conceded yet. Madden goes in and Billy Lawlor comes out. Paul McKenzie has a rare attempt for The Foxes but it goes high off Boyd. Robinson has the ball for The Foxes  but a poor pass out sees it go straight to Renshaw, who capitalizes on the error with a goal, it's now 5-0 and SF have a massive task on their hands as they struggle to get out of their own half.

Boyd  for Frozen Crown, has possession again, and passes inside to Lawlor, and another deflected shot goes into the net to make it 6-0. Another rare chance for The Foxes  goes to Mitchell, only to see his effort go high. It's normal service next , with Boyd attacking down the left wing, he comes inside and puts his shot under the diving keeper to make it 7-0 at half time.

Ben O'Donnell passes to Renshaw within 30 seconds of the restart and it's 8-0. Madden then hit the post with a good effort, this is quickly followed by another goal for FC from Norris on the right hand side and at a tight angle.

The Foxes finally get a reward for their valiant efforts with a goal from the halfway mark thanks to Mitchell, too little too late though I'm afraid, 9-1. Madden scores the next goal from the left wing and into the corner of the goal to restore the 9 goal advantage. This is quickly reduced again, with an effort, again from the halfway mark from Mitchell after collecting a pass from George Woolton, it's now 10-2. McKenzie then had a rasping shot which Madden, in goal for FC didn't even move, only for it to hit the upright and back into play. It's Renshaw again, with the next goal with a shot from the edge of the area 11-2.

Lawlor then has a shot which is saved but rebounds to the feet of Renshaw and he scores again, and it's now 12-2. Mitchell has a shot straight from the kick off, but the keeper was alert to it and he saves it. The SF are playing deeper and deeper and are inviting all of the pressure onto themselves, as they tire, having no subs tonight. Lawlor has a shot but it is well saved by Robinson, then there is a fine exchange of passes between Madden, Norris and O'Donnell only for the move come to nothing. Lawlor then scores a disputed goal, intercepting the ball from on the line of the penalty area, to make it 13-2, and it was the correct decision by Geoff.

Mitchell then has a couple of shots, but both come to nothing as both are saved by the now keeper for FC Renshaw. O'Donnell then shoots, the keeper gets his left hand to it, but can't keep it out and it's 14-2

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