Wednesday 13th December

Masters League

Fixture: Stanleys Cask V Frozen Crown

First match to kick off our Wednesday Masters League saw seasoned Frozen Crown come up against newly entered Stanleys Cask. Match official – Geoff Mowbray.

First shot of the game came from Eddie Nimmo for Stanleys.  only to be saved by Ray Murphy in the first minute of play. John Knight then made Murphy earn his keep again and he rose to the challenge with another save. The first goal was claimed by Frozen Crown thanks to a lovely hit by Billy Lawlor.

With the lead Frozen Crown go all out on the attack! Jamie Norris gets the second goal from the edge of the area, quickly followed by another goal from Lawlor, who intercepted a wayward pass by Keith Graham to make it 3-0! Comfortably ahead Frozen Crown dominating the pitch, you could feel the fourth goal coming. Steve Renshaw seen an opportunity but hitting the backboards, the rebound was picked up by Lawlor and the back of the net rang! Keith Graham, had a shot but it hit the bar and came back into play, and the rebound went to Lawlor who went on the counter attack. Stanleys players struggling to get back and defend the quick change of possession allows Lawlor to get the fifth goal to make it 5-0 after only 8 minutes!

Stanleys now determined to level the playting field sees Knight have a shot from the halfway mark but Murphy saves it again. Graham, however was more successful on his next attempt, with a great goal, after excellent play between himself and Chris Keenan, the score is 5-1.

Lawlor then had an attempt saved by Dave Aston as did Norris with a similar effort. John Madden then outfoxed himself with quick feet in front of the goal, but he seemed to confuse himself as well as the opposition. However, he certainly won the day with his next attempt as he shot from the left wing, it hit the post, came back out, hit Aston in goal and went into the net to make it 6-1. Keenan next with a hard shot which went high for Stanleys. Madden with the tekkers pulls a megs and  passes to Renshaw, whose effort hit the bar. Keenan had a shot saved by Murphy and Keenan had an effort go high.

The next goal, came from a pair who were combining well together, Renshaw, back heeling to Madden and it goes in off the left hand post, 7-1. FC scored the next goal also, with Renshaw attacking on his own and scoring himself. He first half finishes and it's Frozen Crown 8 Stanley's Cask 1.

A good restart for Stanleys sees Knight hitting the post, only for Frozen Crown to also have an attempt hit the post via Renshaw. Madden again pulls off a nutmeg, this time on the keeper and it's 9-1.

Stanleys attempting to turn the game around have changed tactics as Nimmo is staying up front, will it work though? It appears to as Keenan has a shot saved but it comes out to Graham and he scores. It is short lived as Madden and Renshaw combine again to restore the eight goal advantage and it's now 10-2. Madden has the next attempt but sees Aston pull of an excellent save, diving the wrong way, but still managing to save with his left hand to frustratingly to Madden. Norris is also combining well with his team mates and it his him, Renshaw and Madden that combine for the next goal, 11-2. Renshaw then passes to Norris who scores. Renshaw again passes across the box to Lawlor, only for play to be stopped due to an encroachment into the area. A short stop in play followed, due to Madden having a shot which rebounded back into play, but it winded Knight in the process. Stanleys  scored the next goal, Nimmo passing to Knight, who won the resulting tackle and he went on to score to make it 3-12. A free kick taken by Renshaw goes to Norris and he scores again, 13-3. Knight then pulls the ball inside to Nimmo, whose shot is saved by Murphy. Keenan suffers the same fate as Murphy saves his shot, but he gives the entire audience the best laugh of the game, when he falls over in the penalty area. Madden then sees his shot partially saved by Aston, but it creeps into the goal an it's 14-3. Last chance of the game sees a Keenan shot saved, it goes out to Renshaw, it is saved and Lawlor hits the bar.

The game ends and its Frozen Crown 14 - 3 Stanley's Cask. MOM goes to the hard working Madden who also got 5 goals!

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