Monday Night League

Monday 11th December

Fixture: Karius 2 Glory V Athletico Pathetico

This evening we see our brand new team, Athletico Pathetico, make their debut in our Monday Night League. They find themselves up against Karius 2 Glory. Wayne Harold id tonight’s official.

This was our first kick off of the night with a late one of 9pm! Athletico got into the game quickly and an early shot from Dave Collins got Karius’ Keeper Jay Caine into action, as he tips the ball around his post. Josh Caine for K2G quick on the draw with a responding shot putting AP’s keeper under pressure, Sean Kenny gets his hand to the ball with a save. Adrian Bottley for K2G is the next with an oppourtunity but sees his shot go high.

AP get their debut goal and the first of the game! An assist from Collins to Rob Phythian makes the score 1-0 to AP. With a strategy in place and another successful  link up of play again from these two players makes the score 2-0. An excellent start for our newbies.

Josh Caine determined to get on the score sheet, rode a couple of weak tackles to make his way to the goal a clean shot and he lessens AP’s advantage and makes it 2-1. Quick on the bounce, Collins and Phythian again pass up the pitch and its Phythian who bags another goal!

Caine frustrated with AP’s lead takes a speculative strike from his own half, but to no avail! Scott Elliot for K2G is next to take a chance, but his shot is in the clouds! AP hit straight back with Josh Cotton’s  square pass across the box to Collin’s, but his shot goes high again. Edmunds for AP counter attacks after an interception, in full attack up the pitch, he spots the goal and takes a chance…its now 4-1 to Athletico Pathetico.

The next whistle blow was a penalty for K2G. Caine steps up, but it is disappointedly saved with a calm spring from Kenny. Bottley tries his chances down the left wing, making his way down un-encountered – he takes a shot but Kenny denies him once again. AP’s turn with an advantage as they are awarded a free kick. A lovely rally of passes again beteween Collin’s and Phythian’s who are successful for a 5th time. Cotton on Liam Warhams tail steals the ball to gain possession for AP, on the counter Cotton spots Phythian in the prefect space. An easy pass off and Phythian makes it 6 -1.

Caine tries his chances with a toe poke, which goes through a player's legs but his shot is saved. Cotton then attacks down the right side, and it appears to be too easy as he puts the ball away to make it 7-1. Collins follows this up with a hard shot from the left side to increase the lead. Warham then has an attempt which also goes high. AP then pass back to their keeper, only for Josh to pick the ball up, he shoots and sees it saved again by Kenny. Keilty then has an attempt, it comes back to Cotton and it's 9-1. Cotton also gets the next goal from the edge of the box to make it 10-1. K2G then change their keeper with Elliott going in, will he fare any better? His first attempt to save comes from a free kick which Collins takes again, and Cotton shoots and he comes out the better as it goes in. Josh is then sent off for two minutes by Wayne, not that this is going to change the outcome.  Keilty then scores to make it 12-1. Another change in goal as Warham now goes in. Cotton then has two one on ones with the keeper and scores on both attempts, 14-1. Warham comes out and Jay Caine goes back in, he suffers a similar fate as Edmonds scores from the dead ball line. Bottley then gets a consolation goal as his shot deflects off a defender sending Kenny the wrong way and it's 15-2.  Cotton then scores with the last shot of the game to make the final score 16-2. MOM goes to Rob Phythian and it's a great startto the season for Atletico Pathetico.

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