Date: Wednesday 29th December 2017

Fixture: Out of Breath v Stanley's Cask

Our game of the evening, we look towards our Masters League (over 45’s) as seasoned Out of Breath comes up against newbies Stanley’s Cask. Out of Breath, last to be crowned champions in our 2016/2017 league are on great form with 3 wins into the current season, finding themselves top of the table, with a game in hand. Stanley’s cask, a former division 2 team are still finding their feet in our Masters League, are up and ready for the challenge this evening.

Carl Howell for OOB gets a first and fast shot off to start our 40 minute game, graham Owen gets a touch to the ball only to see it deflected and the shot is missed. Barry Evans comes up against long standing Goal Keeper for Stanley’s Dave Aston. Aston who has been referred to as ‘elastic man’ is renowned for pulling of saves from now where denies Evans the first goal of the game. Stanley’s Cask are now in possession and new signing Keith Patterson takes the ball around two players, and scores. Putting Stanley’s in a surprising early lead!

OOB determined to get ahead, with  John Bennett keeping hold of the ball well then  passes to Howell in perfect space, he delays his shot, but Aston knowing the tricks is wise to it. Aston doesn't commit  and pull of a phenomenal save.

Patterson on a mission to keep Stanley’s ahead pushes forward has a second shot, but this time it goes high. Bennett back on the attack sees a gap and shoots with Aston on the floor, but he saves Bennett's chip attempt with his foot living up to his stretchy nickname. OOB’s Owens fumbles a pass and Stanley’s get another chance on goal, this time it’s Simon Hughes. Sean Kenny, guarding the goal for OOB easily saves his effort. Owens redeems himself, with a drop of the shoulder fooling Aston in goal and we have the equalizer. Howell puts OOB into the lead for the first time in the game with a lovely goal to the keepers right hand side. Its 2-1 to Out of Breath.

Stanley’s keeping Kenny on his toes in goal as Hughes spots Keith Graham in an advantageous position but Kenny is quick to the draw again keeping OOB in the lead. Hughes is next to have a shot, powerful low and on target - but it is saved just inside the post. Hughes finds himself again at the goal with two attempts, a one on one but the shot goes wide. The ball come straight back to his feet and he returns the shot again – this time it unfortunately goes high. Patterson is more successful on the next Stanley’s attack, which comes down the right wing and his shot goes in and it's level again at 2-2.

The second half gets under way and it's OOB who score, with a pass from the right wing across to the left from Howell to Graham, whose shot is successful and it's 3-2 to OOB. The lead is increased shortly after, or so the players think, as Phil pulls it back for an earlier foul on an OOB player. Howell then sees his shot go high after coming off Hughes. Hughes then has an attempt on goal but this time it is Kenny's legs as the saving grace for OOB. A free kick awarded to OOB for a height infringement which Bennett takes, and scores with a toe poke, 4-2 to OOB. Another free kick shortly afterwards is again taken by Bennett, this time he passes it to an unmarked Evans, but he misses the target.

John Knight from the left wing then finds a bullseye on my head! Which seems like take an attempt to 'take me out' as his shot hits the netting right in front of me – getting the spectators involved? Patterson then pulls the ball back from the boards, ball rolls to Knight and he has found the target this time with a well taken strike and it's now 4-3 to OOB. It is a short lived comeback as OOB, stretch the score line again through Howell, who's shot confuses Aston in goal -comes off the post and hits Aston on the back and it goes in.

The last goal of the game goes to OOB also, as Owens grabs his hat-trick with his man of the match performance and ensures OOB finish the game at 6-3. A laboured game by OOB who were led by Ian Astles in the absence of Jeff James, who, it is believed, was on a scouting mission elsewhere on the Wirral this evening.

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