Date: Monday 27th December 2017

Fixture: Hakuna Juan Mata V Xavi Dodgers

Hakuna Juan Mata and Xavi dodgers not only battling over the 3 points up for grabs, but also high in demand goal keeper Ale Reid! HJM draft in Pete Hindley this week as their last minute keeper.

Sarah Christmas our games official for this evening’s fixture gets the game underway quickly and her first whistle blow of the evening is a height offence, Alex Greggory takes the free kick for Xavi Dodgers. A simple pass to Dave McEntee who is in an eye shot of the goal, but this one is a near miss. A return to play and Xavi are still in possession, a combination play of Greggory and MCEntee again sees Xavi get the first goal of the game!

CJ Sutton for Hakuna, goes on the counter attack applying pressure and gets the first shot off for his team – but is denied with a miss hit. A foul sees the second free kick of the game again to Xavi, a quick shot by Greggory but Hindley prevents with a cracking save. 5 minutes in and Gregory limps off the pitch with an ankle injury in need of some ice!

Whistle blows to restart the game Adrian Bennett has the ball and shoots for HJM but it comes off the back boards and back into play. Josh Walters then has an attempt for XD but his effort also comes off the boards and goes high for a free kick to HJM. Liam Power for Xavi has a shot from the right wing – it pings into the right hand corner of Hindley's goal and it's 2-0 to Xavi Dodgers.

With a two goal advantage Xavi are still pushing forward and have another attempt with Josh Walters passing to McEntee , who plays it back to Walters, who shoots, But the whistle blows for height. Bennett and Dominic Randles for HJM, have an attmpt each in the next few minutes but are denied a chance to get on that goal scorers sheet.

Jack Canner springs into action with a swift attack down the left wing, his eyes firmly on goal, shoots and scores. Making that gap a little closer 2-1 to Xavi. Back to the middle and a quick response from XD sees them regaining the two goal advantage thanks to a goal from McEntee with a solid shot that gave Hindley no chance. It is now 3-1 to XD. The deficit is quickly reduced by HJM with Randles scoring with a cheeky nutmeg past Scott Elliott, who is guesting in goal for XD. Sutton, using Canners previous path to success, attacks down the left wing and sees his toe poke go into the net to make the scores level at 3-3.

Sutton hungry for the lead has another quick shot – but is unlucky. Xaxi reclaiming possession Walters is then unlucky seeing his effort come back off the post. Randles then wins a tackle in the centre of the pitch, puts him one on one with the keeper but his shot is saved. Bennett on the ball, with a slick back heel pass to Canner but the move comes to nothing. McEntee intercepts a wayward pass shoots and misses the target. HJM get a head as Sutton attacks, a smooth pass to Bennett and he puts the ball past Elliott to make it 4-3.

Only 13 minutes left of play and we see a drastic change as Hindley swaps his gloves with Bennett for HJM. Will this be a game changer and shake up HJM goal scoring opportunity? Bennett is immediately called into action, with a shot from McEntee, which he pushes around the post. Eager to get another goal ahead Bennett  passes the ball out to Hindley, he turns and has a shot which comes off the back of the keeper, but a rapid recovery prevents the ball going in. Tennis like play then sees Walters have another shot for XD. Xavi seem to be getting on top of the game now, Bennett is being resolute in goal, but can HJM hold on?

Not for much longer they can't! Elliott passes the ball out to Walters, a sharp turn, runs on,  shoots and scores  from the edge of the box to make it 4-4. Game on! Sutton then has a miss hit shot saved by Elliott. An accurate eye and the Ref sees Gregory’s foot for area infringement! HJM have the penalty and a chance for the lead again but Sutton is denied by Elliot with a calm and collected save! The ball fires up the other end of the pitch to Walters in an advantageous position, counter attacks  to make it 5-4.

The clock is ticking – Sutton tries to redeem himself with a skimmer but its goes straight to Elliot’s save hands. Shortly after, XD scores another goal with a cracking effort from McEntee from the halfway line. It's now 6-4 to Xavi. Randles quickly pulls his team back into the game with a good effort from the left wing, but the final seconds are on the clock. The last attempt of the game goes to McEntee but it's another effort that goes high.

The final whistle blows and it's 6-5 to Xavi Dodgers. Man of the Match is awarded to Dave Mcentee for his excellent contribution throughout the game. An excellent battle and an exciting game! 

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