Wednesday Night Division 2

Date: 22nd November 2017

Game: Hardly Athletic V Aftershock

The Soccer Dome seen two longstanding teams come face to face this week in our Division 2 fixture, taking place on pitch 2 officiated by Sarah Christmas.

Our ref Sarah mistakenly got involved in play within the first minute of the game blocking a ball in aftershocks favour. The first chance of goal fell to Aftershock but unfortunately Paul Kepe-Smith’s efforts tipped just over the height mark. Aftershock’s Dave Millar then sees a pass via the side boards deflect to the keeper, loosing possession.

Hardly Athletic with the ball hit back, Graham Simmons goes for goal hitting keeper Stu Domigan instead of the net! 6 minutes in on the clock and Hardly make use of the rolling subs – Iain Mackie replaces Alan Fletcher shake things up a bit. On the brief break we see Aftershock take a breath, they will need it as they have a bare 5 for tonight’s game with no subs available.

Mackie springs into immediate action and gets a shot off at Aftershocks goal, Domigan on form pushes the ball away, seconds later Mackie gets another chance but is denied again by Domigan’s quick reactions. Hardly Athletic are dominating the shots as Simmons tries his luck but Domigan denies Hardly the back of the net again.

Then we see Mark Voas, for Hardly Athletic attack down the left wing, passes to Simmons, and he wins this one as he scores the first goal and it's Hardly in the lead, after 8 minutes. Hardly keep on with the pressure and are back on the attack, Dave Godden performs a square pass to Mackie, he shoots! And the ball goes straight into the left corner and it's 2-0 to HArdky Athletic.

Aftershock try to hit back and are unlucky with two efforts from Kepke-Smith, the first going high and the second being saved by the legs of Ian Burkey.  Fletcher then sees his shot from the right side saved but put back into play by Domigan.

Fletcher losses possession through height, Aftershock get the free kick. Keep-Smith steps up to take only to be denied any goal scoring chance. A few passing relays and interceptions from both teams as they battle up and down the pitch. Mackie is next to have a shot but it just swing to the right hand post. Aftershock back with the ball - Kepke-Smith goes with the momentum and attacks on his own, the goal comes up fast! Takes the shot, and scores! using a defender to go past the keepers blind side, and Aftershock are one goal down, it's 2-1.

A short lived celebration, as Mackie passes from the right back position to  Simmons, who passes to Godden who slots it home to make it 3-1.  The half time whistle goes at the same score.

The second half begins Hardly Athletic seem to have changed their tactics. With a 3 -1 lead they take their time with the ball, keeping possession and making Aftershock players run after the ball. A clever tactic as Aftershock have no subs for that all important breather. Mackie sees his shot go high from the left side. Simmons sees a toe poke saved by the keeper, as HA continue to dominate. Kepke-Smith, intercepts a poor defensive pass, his shot go past the keeper only for it to hit the boards. Simmons is again in action, Domigan produces a save for the none existent cameras. Godden’s shot hits the post and Kepke-Smith’s shot deflects off Fletcher and go wide. A Voas shot comes back to Mackie who shoots high. Carl Oates then sees his shot for Aftershock come off the board and go straight to Mackie, it would appear that it isn't Aftershock's night tonight, nothing is running in their favour.

Godden flicks the ball to Simmons and he is unlucky to not get on the goal scoring sheet. Kepke-Smith then has the ball in the back of the net, only to see it correctly disallowed for infringing the area.

 Aftershock are visibly tiring now, the game is 34 minutes old are they are going deeper and deeper as Hardly Atheltic are indeed making good use of their substitute. Although Kepke-Smith has the next shot, which is saved but pushed back to him only to see his second shot saved again. Fletcher then passes to Mackie who is in the centre, virtually on the penalty spot, to slot the ball home and it's game over now as it's 4-1 and less than 3 minutes left. Mackie passes to Voas, he attacks only to see his effort parried back into play. The final whistle blows and the game ends with Hardly Athletic getting th 3 points. the man of the match goes to Paul Kepke-Smith, for his ever effortless display of football.  

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