Date: 20th December 2017

Fixture: Hakuna Juan Mata V Paris Ganja Man

Tonight we seen Hakuna Juan Mata get their season started with an immediate uphill battle against last seasons league champions Paris Ganja Man. Already a strenuous game in hand, the task got even tougher as only 2 players were on the field for kick off! CJ Sutton and Adrian Bennett stood alone against a strong PGM squad. A rapid helping hand from some last minute draft in players seen Ale Reid step up for the keeper position with Ste Ryan and Kieran Jones playing outfield.

A steady pace to start our 30 minute game with not much action as both teams seemed to ease into it. Karl Barker (PGM) who holds the golden boot from last season, had the first shot of the game but was denied by Bennett (HJM). CJ Sutton was on the ball, he intercepted a bad pass, with a quick takeover of possession and on the counter attack Sutton gets the first goal of the game! 1-0 to Hakuna Juan Mata.

Aaron Cairns (PGM) stopped Bennett’s (HJM) first goal scoring opportunity, keeping the score down. Barker then had a couple of chances, the first going over the height line and the second from the halfway line was blocked by Sutton. A simple 1:2 play with Barker and Cairns gets past the defenders and the ball goes straight past the keeper into the right hand post, score is 1-1.

HJM quickly regained their advantage, with a nice nutmeg by Sutton, he passes to Bennett who returns it, Sutton shoots and scores! 2-1 to HJM.

Ale Reid has possession of the ball, but a fumbled pass out sees it go to Barker’s feet, clinical in his finish, and the game is level again at 2-2.

HJM quickly, once again, establish their lead with a prompt response and Sutton gets an early hat-trick to make it 3-2. Cairns then had a hard shot saved by the face of Reid, she doesn't flinch from anything, and has to be admired for her bravery. Bennett with a danger pass across his own area and is intercepted by PGM but the shot is missed.  Barker then has a shot from the right edge of the box and it is successful and it's now 3-3.

A good game of goals and an even match so far. Which way is this game going to go? To the underdogs or the champions?

PGM seem to be taking a stranglehold of the game after 10 minutes, and following a good interchange of passes it’s Barker, once again, with a shot that is saved by Reid’s quick hands. HJM are staying in the game thanks to them putting their bodies in the way of the shots, with Reid also playing her part with a number of good saves. Dillon Power then comes into the game and scores to make it 4-3 to PGM. Cairns then sees a strong shot go high, Power then plays the ball off the boards to Cairns, but to his dismay his shot blocked again by the tenacious HJM. A shot by Cairns after 18 minutes sees PGM go further ahead, quickly followed by a further goal for Barker from the halfway line to make it 6-3.

Ste Ryan (HJM) then makes a great pass from the left back position to Sutton, but to no avail. Barker is in possession playing the pass to Karl Graham who passes to Randle's for another goal and it's now 7-3. 

Zak Clark, showing off some trekkers scores a back heel into the right corner of Reid's goal to make it 8-3. Is there any way of HJM coming back into this game now, whilst appearing to be wilting, they have the next shot with Bennett passing to Ryan but he shoots high. Barker then has a thunderous shot saved by Reid and she isn't so lucky with the next shot which goes into in. Reid doesn't seem have much protection in front of her now as fatigue sets in for the outfield HJM, they appear to have let their heads drop.  Clark (PGM) has a shot, it comes back out to Graham and he scores and it's now 10-3 to PGM. The last shot of the game goes to Graham but he sees it saved by Reid.

The final whistle is blown by Phil Smith and it ends PGM 10 - 3 HJM. MOM goes to Karl Barker.

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