Athletico Pathetico

Manager: Sean Kenny

Athletico Pathetico are in their first season with us, results don’t show how good this team really are! These are the only team in the league at the minute to come close to beating Paris Ganja Man losing just 5-4 to the current champions. These guys are probably the nicest guys in our Monday Night League, and on the pitch they play some lovely football. They have one of or if not the best keeper in the league, these really are going to be the team to watch!

Current Squad:

Josh Colton

Kev Edmonds

Sean Kenny

Rob Pythian

David Collins

Joe Keilty

Gregg Beck

Paul Caley

Current League Titles: 0

Name Matches Played Goal Man of the Match
10 10 0
6 3 0
3 1 0
11 7 0
6 24 1
10 8 0
3 7 2
6 8 0
9 9 2
9 0 1

Current form


Latest matches

Date Team Location Result
12-02-2018 Lallana's in Pyjama'sHome
19-02-2018 Xavi DodgersAway
26-02-2018 Paris Ganja ManAway
05-03-2018 Karius2GloryHome
12-03-2018 Past It FC Home

Upcoming matches

Date Team Location Result
19-03-2018 Hakuna Juan MataHome