Manager: Carl Oates

One of our longest serving teams lead by Carl Oates. These guys have always been top contenders in our divsion 2 league. They have been promoted a few times but at the moment they are sitting comfortably in our division 2 league. They took a heavy hit this season on the squad front as some of the players split away to form Moanchester United. With a few league wins under their belts over the past few years these guys definitely have the experience under their belts. Lets see if this is their season to shine once again!

Name Matches Played Goal Man of the Match
5 0 0
5 3 0
3 7 1
2 0 0
0 0 0
1 0 0
4 2 1
0 0 0

Current form


Latest matches

Date Team Location Result
22-11-2017 Hardly AthleticAway
06-12-2017 Hardly AthleticAway
13-12-2017 Park RoadAway
03-01-2018 Tunnel FCHome
10-01-2018 Hardly AthleticHome

Upcoming matches

Date Team Location Result
20-12-2017 The ScorpiansAway