Tunnel FC

Manager: Paul McDonald

Tunnel FC have been part of our Wednesday Night League for nearly 10 years! A lot of their players are from over the water in Liverpool and have been here so long they are like the furniture. Part of Division 2 and always played comfortably. These guys took a big hit in 2015 as half of their players split to create a new team Terry & The Pacemakers. But as old school as these guys are they keep coming back! Known for making our pink bibs lucky! Tremendous bunch of guys who always enjoy a good game of footy!

The 2016/2017 season seen these guys struggle due to injuries, but they never let that stop them from playing. However this current season is proving to be their best season yet with a few new good strong signings these guys are winning games and scoring goals, sitting comfortably in 3rd place and 3 points behind second place with a game in hand, could these guys finally be title champions this season? No matter what these guys will always find a team and turn up raring to go.

Current Squad:

Paul McDonald (GK)

Jason Garrity

Russel Ainslie

Keith Mullenuix

Paul Jarvis

Kai Castro

Name Matches Played Goal Man of the Match
3 3 0
4 12 1
2 1 0
2 0 0
1 8 1
4 0 1
2 0 0

League results

Rank Played Won Lost Drawn GD Points
4 11 4 7 0 -7 12

Current form


Latest matches

Date Team Location Result
17-01-2018 Park RoadAway
14-02-2018 AftershockAway
21-02-2018 AftershockAway
28-02-2018 Hardly AthleticAway
14-03-2018 Hardly AthleticAway

Upcoming matches

Date Team Location Result
28-03-2018 AftershockAway