Hakuna Juan Mata

Manager: Carl Sutton

These guys are one of the original teams when we very first launched our Monday League but have had a couple of name changes. Previously gone by the names of ‘Otis’ and ‘The Spartans’. The team at first formed by Dominic Randles but after a season was taken over by Carl Sutton.

Over the seasons these guys have played some spectacular football but they had always struggled to find a reliable strong 5. Last season they found their steady 5 along with a reliable keeper, and this has completely changed Hakuna Juans game for the better. This season has seen them also add some strong players to their squad, and doing so has bagged them more wins, points and goals. Previously known as the underdogs a team everyone rooted for – these guys are now showing up and standing up week in week out. Each season they grow and improve and this season sees their best season yet with comfortably sitting second place behind Paris Ganja Man. With them grabbing more wins this season and a lot more goals, could they be title contenders next season? We think so! 


Current Squad: 

Ali Reid 

Alex McDowell 

Adam Wilson

Adrian Bennet 

CJ Sutton 

Dominic Randles 

Gav Kruger 

Jack Canner 

Pete Hindley


Current League Titles: 0



Name Matches Played Goal Man of the Match
2 5 0
3 1 0
9 6 1
3 10 0
12 31 1
6 13 1
1 0 0
1 5 0
9 23 1
6 14 0

League results

Rank Played Won Lost Drawn GD Points
2 14 7 5 2 36 23

Current form


Latest matches

Date Team Location Result
22-01-2018 Past It FC Away
23-01-2018 Athletico PatheticoAway
05-02-2018 Lallana's in Pyjama'sHome
12-02-2018 Karius2GloryHome
19-02-2018 Past It FC Away