Hakuna Juan Mata

Manager: Carl Sutton

These guys are one of the original teams when we very first launched our Monday League but have had a couple of name changes. Previously gone by the names of ‘Otis’ and ‘The Spartans’. The team at first formed by Dominic Randles but after a season was taken over by Carl.

Over the seasons these guys have played some spectacular football but have always struggled to find a reliable goal keeper. But after a few seasons of being the underdog they are now finding their feet and have finished up in the top half of the league finishing in 5th place. Each season they grow and improve, it will be exciting to see what the new season brings these guys!

2015-2016 Statistics:

Played: 24   Won: 8   Drawn: 1   Lost:15   Goals For: 97  Goals Against: 158

Name Matches Played Goal Man of the Match
3 1 0
2 1 0
2 8 0
4 14 1
2 2 0
1 0 0
3 8 0
1 8 0

League results

Rank Played Won Lost Drawn GD Points
3 5 2 3 0 10 6

Current form


Latest matches

Date Team Location Result
20-11-2017 Paris Ganja ManHome
27-11-2017 Xavi DodgersAway
04-12-2017 Karius2GloryHome
11-12-2017 Lallana's in Pyjama'sHome
11-12-2017 Paris Ganja ManAway

Upcoming matches

Date Team Location Result
18-12-2017 Athletico PatheticoHome